Buy Your Sharpstown Home

Deciding To Purchase

Purchasing a property is most likely the biggest financial decision you will ever make. Whether this is your first purchase or you are an experienced buyer, Sharpstown Realty is the best choice when you are ready to buy your Sharpstown home.

Why Do You Want To Buy?

Are you tired of paying rent? Have you decided to pay your own mortgage and not your landlord’s? Have you outgrown your current home? Are you looking for an investment portfolio? Are you looking for a rental property? Would you like a larger yard? Would you rather live in a different area? Do you want to shorten your commute? Having a clear sense of your reasons for buying will help you choose the right property.

Has Your Income Grown?

Property ownership is an excellent investment; whether you are looking for your dream home, a rental property, or to expand your investment portfolio. Owning real estate is one of the least risky ways to build equity or to obtain a greater return on your initial investment.

Get your Documentation Ready

To secure financing for a property purchase you will want to have some information and documents ready. Typically this could include:

Financial statements
Bank accounts
Credit cards
Auto loans
Recent pay stubs
Tax returns for two years
Copies of leases for investment properties
401K statements, life insurance, stocks, bonds, and mutual account information.

Credit Rating.

Your credit score will have a huge impact on what type of property you can buy, and at what price. It is first recommended to check your credit rating with an experienced lending institution so that we can determine what you can afford. The lender will research your credit ratings from the three credit reporting agencies Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. We will be happy to recommend experienced, knowledgeable lenders in the residential, construction, and commercial and investment real estate fields.

Once you are prepared, It is time to let Sharpstown Realty find the perfect home for you.

Call Ronald Graham directly at 832-374-9595 or use any of the contact methods at the bottom of this page. We will meet with you and help you search for just the right home. We will represent you in the negotiation process and get you a great deal. We can even show you one of the homes designed and renovated by Ronald Graham.  Sharpstown Realty will assist you all the way to closing and help you to achieve your dream of home ownership.