What is my home REALLY worth?

What is my home REALLY worth?

If you are thinking about selling your home finding this answer out first is key. The tax value that the county assessor assigns really does not represent the true market value of your property. The property taxes are evaluated based on the appraised value and/or any exemptions claimed. In most cases, the market value is different from the appraised value. Market value is determined by taking into account several factors including but not limited to the condition of the property (upgrades or repairs needed), location, neighborhood trends and recent sold property values.

A Real estate agent can answer this question accurately

A real estate agent can perform a Comparative Market Analysis and give you the information that you need to sell your home.  They look at the home, they look at the neighborhood, they COMPARE your home to recent ones that sold and calculate a value for your home for THE CURRENT MARKET (next year may be way different). This is not an exact science, so you want a realtor who is knowledgeable in all these processes.

RenovatorRealtyofTexas.com can answer yours questions for free

As the marketplace grows (and our listings) we have formed a new company, Renovator Realty of Texas to specifically deal with the issue of valuation. As a part of this effort we are offering a free market appraisal for your property. This includes some very good options for you including us buying your home for cash. Repairing or renovating the property for sale getting you more money is another great solution. Every situation is different and that is why we are asking for the opportunity to formulate YOUR solution. We will get you the best possible results from your sale.

How can I pay for all that?

Renovator Realty of Texas will not charge you any up front cost at all! We have the funds available for all repairs and renovation and we are not paid back until the home sells. What this means is that your home will sell for MORE and you will make MORE profit when you sell. Even if you need to sell your home quickly for cash,  Renovator Realty will give you a much better offer than you will get from a typical buyer.

The next step

Go to renovatorrealtyoftexas.com  and fill out the free form, or call 832 374 9595. We will appraise your home’s true value and talk with you about your goals. Together we will build and execute the very best plan possible and get you the best results.

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