Sharpstown Is The Next Heights.

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Sharpstown is The Next Heights

There are many factors to consider when you are thinking about your next home. There is an old saying that "Location is everything" and that is still very true and relevant when considering where to purchase a home. Sharpstown is a historic neighborhood and is still one of the largest in the country. Sharpstown has had it's ups and downs, but now the trend is that more and more professionals and families are moving here. There is no better time to consider purchasing a home in Sharpstown. We appreciate the opportunity to explain why we believe "Sharpstown is The Next Heights"

Remember how The Heights used to be affordable?

There comes a time in the real estate cycle where a neighborhood begins to rebound as the demographic changes. Let's look back at how The Heights used to be the place for inexpensive living. As the cycle progressed, the need for less driving time and the affordability of homes in the area fueled a massive renaissance in The Heights. Thankfully, there was a strong feeling towards preserving the history of the neighborhood and as it blossomed the single family homes there were renovated to keep the design and energy of the neighbor hood intact. However, after a few years the increased value of the area had made the homes there much less affordable.

Sharpstown offers affordable living, close to everything.

Located near the Southwest Freeway just minutes from downtown, Sharpstown is positioned for the same type of renaissance as The Heights. The homes are still affordable and they are increasing in value. Right now is the perfect time to buy!  Imagine being able to get to work or to Galleria in just minutes. You can live in a single family home with a classic design and have it updated to the latest standards for far less than than a townhouse located near downtown. You could also purchase a renovated home designed by Ronald Graham and live in affordable luxury. Take a look at some of the videos on the front page for beautiful examples of these homes. We believe in Sharpstown and we live right here in Sharpstown. We are the area experts and our clients get more profit selling and more value when buying a home in Sharpstown.

Call Sharpstown Realty Today - 832 374-9595

Call and speak personally with Ronald Graham of Sharpstown Realty at 832-374-9595. We will listen to you and come up with an individual plan that will maximize your results. Sharpstown Realty will sell your home for a 1.5% listing fee. We can remodel your home and then sell it with no money down. Sharpstown Realty has renovated homes for sale as well. You can get information about any of our programs on our home page or simply call and we will any any questions you may have. Thanks for reading and remember "Sharpstown is The Next Heights"

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