“Sharpstown is the next Heights”

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“Sharpstown is the next Heights”

We mean it when we say that Sharpstown is the next Heights! We BELIEVE in the future of this area. Sharpstown is very centrally located close to everything.
At this time the trend is that more and more families are buying and renovating homes right here. Property values are trending upward, but the area is still very affordable.

If you had invested in The Heights area at the right time you would have made a lot of money. The Heights is still a great location, however it is not as affordable as it once key to getting a great return on an investment is to invest when prices are still reasonable and then enjoy the benefits as your property goes up in value.

We believe Sharpstown is perfectly positioned to be the next area to undergo a renaissance. Property values are rising as more and more families move into the neighborhood. Sharpstown Realty is renovating and selling beautiful homes right here in our neighborhood, where we live.  Take a moment to view the online video tours of our renovated properties, as well as some properties that need remodeling. Whether you want to purchase a finished luxury home, or you want to remodel it yourself, Contact us for your next home.

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