September 16, 2017

Free Market Analysis

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Free Property Consultation?

"Let us Remodel & Sell Your Home for More Profit, With No Money Down"

If you are selling your home the first question that needs answering is "What is my home worth?"  Finding this answer is why Sharpstown Realty offers a FREE Property Consultation. The tax value that the county assessor assigns really does not represent the true market value of your property. The property taxes are evaluated based on the appraised value and/or any exemptions claimed. In most cases, the market value is different from the appraised value. Market value is determined by taking into account several factors including but not limited to the condition of the property (upgrades or repairs needed), location, neighborhood trends and recent sold property values.

What is my Home Worth?  Sharpstown Realty Will Answer This Question Accurately

Sharpstown Realty will perform a free property consultation and give you the information that you need to sell your home. We will look at your the home and the neighborhood, then compare your home to recent ones that sold and calculate a value for your home for the current market (next year may be way different). This is not an exact science, so you want a realtor who is knowledgable in all these processes.

Ronald Graham Will Formulate The Best Solution For You

Ronald Graham is uniquely qualified to specifically deal with the issue of valuation. He has over two decades of experience In Real Estate , Residential Construction and Remodeling. As a result Ronald is able to offer some very good options for you. Each solution is designed to give the client the most profit from selling regardless of circumstance.

Get Your Free Property Consultation and Know The Truth.

The next best step is to call 832-374-9595 and speak with Ronald Graham personally. You can also use any of the contact links or forms on this website to contact him. He will start the process immediately and provide you the accurate information needed to make an informed decision.