Sharpstown Realty Will Sell Your Home For 4.5% Commission

Sell Your Home with a 4.5% Commission With Sharpstown Realty.

Sharpstown Realty Will Sell Your Home For 4.5% Commission

Full Service For Less with Sharpstown Realty

Since the very first home was sold most real estate companies have charged a commission fee between 5% to 7% of a home’s sales price.

However within the few years, commission rates have started to decline as newer real estate models emerge. Sharpstown Realty offers full service and only charges 4.5% on the sale of your home.

First of all, who pays real estate agent commission?

When a home sale occurs, there are typically two sets of commissions that get paid: the Buyer’s Agent commission and the Seller’s Agent commission.

Historically, most sellers pay about 6% in real estate commissions (3% to the listing agent and 3% to the buyer's agent).

Why should you more than you have to?

At Sharpstown Realty we have the people and technology to bring you the best service for less.

4.5% Listing Fee includes:

  • Listing on the MLS and other real estate sites
  • An open house
  • Professionally produced photos and video walk thru
  • Digital marketing of your listing
  • 24/7 dedicated real estate agent
  • Contract and negotiation support

What is your next step?

Call 832-374-9595 or use the contact link on this page to reach us.

Ronald Graham will personally perform a no obligation property evaluation at no cost.

This will give us the best option to get you the most profit from your sale.

Sharpstown Realty Makes Sellers More Profit!


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