7 ways to add value before selling a home.

When you sell your home, obviously you will want to get the most profit from that sale. If your home is in good condition the following suggestions might be very helpful.

1. Give Your Kitchen a Makeover
Kitchens are one of the most-used rooms in the home and often the first place buyers look.

First, make sure the kitchen is functional. Is there anything broken or are there any appliances out of order? If so, take care of those critical issues before the decorative changes.

Second, perform the makeover itself. Replacing cabinet door handles, the cabinet doors, the kitchen faucet, and other surfaces can be inexpensive, but it can make a big difference in the mind of the buyer.

2. Give Your Bathroom a Facelift
Bathrooms are next on the list of priorities. As with kitchens, though, it’s often the appearance that counts.

Adding a new sink, some tile, or even simply some new shower curtains can create a better impression. And if something is too difficult to tear up, such as old flooring or wall tiles, simply cover them up with prefabricated vinyl or other material.

3. Landscape, Mow, and Renovate Exteriors
Again, remember that first impressions are everything. Buyers see the outside of the home first, so if the outside isn’t trimmed and neat, some buyers may rule your home out immediately.  When you’ve finished that, take a look at any exterior portions of the home that may look worn out or in need of repairs, including everything from window shutters to gutters, door knobs, or fencing.

4. Paint Where It Needs It
Whether indoor or out, peeling paint can be a turn-off. Repainting interiors is often a straightforward do-it-yourself project. And although exterior paint jobs can cost much more, they can be worth it if a home really needs repainting. Simply add the cost on to your home’s sale price if you do undertake a major painting job.

5. Spruce Up the
Wander through your home and find anything and everything that looks old, out of place, or inappropriate. Replace light bulbs, curtains, door handles, artwork, furniture, and anything else that doesn’t make your home look as appealing as possible.

6. Add More Square Footage
If you really want to go the extra mile, you can add extra square footage by adding a new room to your home, adding a new patio, or renovating a garage or basement. The extra space can be turned into another bedroom, living room, or recreational area, which can bump up the value of your home and help it stand out from comparable homes.

7. Clean and Clutter
Though this may sound basic, there are those homeowners who neglect this rule. Always make sure your home is ready to show on a moment’s notice, even if this means stepping outside your normal cleaning routine. Dirty, cluttered homes produce a much worse impression on prospective buyers than clean homes, regardless of what house may lie beneath the clutter.

One more way to sell your home

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